Why Melania Trump’s RNC Speech Doesn’t Humanize the Trump Presidency

She is a beacon of its hypocrisy.

Melania Trump speaking at the Republican National Convention.

FLOTUS on the pandemic

She addressed the tragedy of this pandemic that her husband and his administration helped to exacerbate by taking no leadership role. When asked about the death toll, her husband said, “It is what it is.”

FLOTUS on immigration

Aligned with the theme of “Land of Opportunity,” she highlighted her immigrant experience. She’s not from one of the “shithole” countries her husband has complained about, so the conservatives in attendance nodded at her in approval.

Melania Trump visits detained children at the US-Mexico border.

On race relations and equality

Melania Trump talked about not judging people based on skin color. Barack Obama’s melanin level probably had nothing to do with why she backed the birther theory about him.

Melania Trump in Nairobi National Park

What Americans deserve and should aspire to

She proclaimed, “Total honesty is what we as citizens deserve from our president.” As of July 9th, her husband has made 20,000 statements that are not true or misleading. And this is just what’s been fact-checked.

The opioid crisis

When talking about addiction and the opioid crisis, she urged lawmakers, parents, and teachers to do their part, not mentioning how this administration addressed it in the budget in 2019. It was a combination of not enough funding and cuts to programs that would combat it.

A great model

Melania Trump is still a great model. Models are supposed to support a product or a brand. In her speech, she did exactly that. She helped her husband’s brand.

Former teacher who retired early to pursue a passion for writing. Personal development content writer and fiction author. Dog mom. www.sameenakmughal.com

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