Trump’s GOP Enablers Will Fall on the Sword for Their Party Icon

Sameena Mughal
4 min readNov 13, 2020

Will it help them save the Senate?

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

As the 45th president refuses to concede the election, we remain a divided nation. Donald Trump’s subsequent legal action didn’t surprise anyone. He made his attempts to steal the election and not accept any results that weren’t a win for him transparent. The surprises here are the lengths some Republicans will go to promote a mass denial and placate the 73 million people who voted for him.

The cult of Trump is the sword that they will fall on.

Die-hard support

Rep. Matt Gaetz tweeted about “clear instances of voter fraud all across the country.”

Senator Ted Cruz accused Pennsylvania of “breaking the law” and other illegal acts.

When Fox News and other Republican officials said nothing fraudulent happened, why don’t other Republicans believe them?

A Republican representative won Pennsylvania, and Republicans won in other states. How are those processes legitimate while the others are not?

Members of the GOP in Pennsylvania and across the country are questioning election processes. Lack of evidence hasn’t halted their outcries. As court after court has affirmed that vote counting has been lawful, they hold on to…



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