Trump’s GOP Enablers Will Fall on the Sword for Their Party Icon

Will it help them save the Senate?

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

As the 45th president refuses to concede the election, we remain a divided nation. Donald Trump’s subsequent legal action didn’t surprise anyone. He made his attempts to steal the election and not accept any results that weren’t a win for him transparent. The surprises here are the lengths some Republicans will go to promote a mass denial and placate the 73 million people who voted for him.

The cult of Trump is the sword that they will fall on.

Rep. Matt Gaetz tweeted about “clear instances of voter fraud all across the country.”

Senator Ted Cruz accused Pennsylvania of “breaking the law” and other illegal acts.

When Fox News and other Republican officials said nothing fraudulent happened, why don’t other Republicans believe them?

A Republican representative won Pennsylvania, and Republicans won in other states. How are those processes legitimate while the others are not?

Members of the GOP in Pennsylvania and across the country are questioning election processes. Lack of evidence hasn’t halted their outcries. As court after court has affirmed that vote counting has been lawful, they hold on to their narrative of foul play.

Who is the real villain in this election cycle? Mail-in ballots, of course.

Mail-in ballots are not new. Some states use them widely. In a pandemic, it would seem to be a no-brainer that they become more widespread. Since Democrats vote more utilizing that system, the Trump administration and his enablers planted those seeds of doubt whenever possible.

I voted early in the election. Between the pandemic and the past voter suppression in Georgia, I planned to cast my vote and put it in a ballot box. Bless the troopers who waited in line for 10 hours or more, but I refuse to put my health at risk and be deliberately suppressed as I exercise my right as a citizen.

I did my part, but I can’t help but think about how the GOP enablers, like Senator Mitch McConnell, aren’t doing their jobs as elected officials. Instead of encouraging citizens to have faith in one of the foundations of American democracy, they continue to cast doubt upon it to suit their agendas.

McConnell, like other Republicans, is playing both sides of the fence. When he spoke from the Senate, he said the president was “within his rights” to explore legal avenues. He also said if something illegal occurred that affected the outcome, then the country should know, adding that the Democrats shouldn’t feel nervous about investigations if nothing untoward happened.

He avoids voicing any opinions that may upset either side, and that might backfire on him later.

Senator Lindsey Graham told the president not to concede, encouraging him to “fight hard.” Graham is urging Trump to “fight hard” against Joe Biden, who he described five years ago“as good a man as God ever created.”

Would such a man steal an election?

Still, days later, Graham said he expected the White House to start press briefings with President-elect Biden.

The pendulum that is Graham is slowly swinging back in the other direction. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

The incumbent senators in Georgia, Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, have called for the Republican Secretary of State, Brad Raffensberger, to resign. They claimed “failures” but, like Trump, provided no evidence to support their allegations.

Loeffler and Perdue claimed a lack of transparency. However, Raffensberger followed Georgia law and served all Georgia voters. He provided an online tracking system so Georgia voters could track their ballots if they voted early. I’m not sure how much transparency they expected.

Raffensberger stands by the integrity of the election. Still, to quell any skepticism about management and fairness, he ordered a hand recount across the state. Despite 97 counties already sending in final totals to the state, all 159 counties must recount the votes by hand.

The senators turned on a member of their own party to show the Trump voters they support the president, counting on those same voters to cast their ballots for them in the run-off on January 5th.

Will it help them? Georgia voters will decide.

For McConnell and Graham, their Trump and donor pandering didn’t bother their constituents who re-elected them.

Time will tell whether it helps Loeffler and Perdue win re-election.

The majority of Americans demonstrated with their votes that further deepening division didn’t sit well with them. Character, or the lack thereof, counts.

Most Americans want cooperation over discord. They are just unsure how to get there. Like many of the current issues, the people will have to figure it out for themselves. Many of our leaders won’t help. After all, a united citizenry is an obstacle in their quest for power.

As our politicians draw lines in the sand again, Americans have to decide what sword they will fall on.

Former teacher who retired early to pursue a passion for writing. Personal development content writer and fiction author. Dog mom.

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