The Disastrous Tenure of Betsy DeVos

The Deliberate Destruction of Public Education from Within

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Anti-public education

Her career in education policy is notable for how she diverts funds from public schools to private schools. As “one of the architects of Detroit’s charter school system,” she led what advocates for privatization called “one of the biggest school reform disasters in the country.”

Doesn’t protect the most vulnerable students

DeVos intentionally attempts to cut funding to the most vulnerable students. In three budget requests, she tried to cut funding to the Special Olympics, only reversing her stance when the president publicly supported funding. This year, she cut funding to 800 rural schools by changing how the department reports student poverty. Her department has not consistently taken action on complaints related to sexual orientation or gender. On her watch, the department has reversed protections for transgender students.

Pandemic propaganda

Even during a pandemic, she is still only focused on privatizing schools and not the safety of students and staff. She diverted $180 million of coronavirus relief money to a voucher program for private and religious schools. Then, she ordered states to redirect CARES Act funds from public schools to private schools.

A leader who doesn’t lead

DeVos’s real interest as the head of the Department of Education is to promote privatizing education so she and her billionaire cohorts can make even more money. She has no interest in families, students, or teachers.

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