Kamala Harris was the Only Reason I Watched the Vice-Presidential Debate

We didn’t learn anything new.

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Senator Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence debate in Salt Lake City with moderator, Susan Paige of USA Today.

A lackluster circus

I normally don’t watch debates or political speeches because I don’t feel like I’ve learned anything when I do. I’m only paying more attention now because, as a history buff, I want to be present as it happens around me.

Harris’s highlights

Harris came out swinging from the first question about the pandemic. She called the Trump administration coronavirus virus response, “the greatest failure of any presidential administration in the history of our country.” She immediately backed up her statements with facts. Real ones, too.

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Kamala Harris keeping her cool at the debate with Mike Pence.

What did we learn?

The simple answer to that is nothing. Any policy they talked about is a talking point on their campaign website. (Find Biden’s here and Trump’s here). They both dodged questions they didn’t want to answer.

Former teacher who retired early to pursue a passion for writing. Personal development content writer and fiction author. Dog mom. www.sameenakmughal.com

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