How I Bridge the Gap with People Who Think Differently than Me

Sameena Mughal
4 min readNov 21, 2020

Something to consider in these difficult times.

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It’s hard to know what to say to people who think differently than you right now. Whether it’s politics, religion, or culture, when you don’t see eye-to-eye with people, it can create tense situations. As someone who has navigated between worlds my whole life, I learned how to meet people where they are.

Cultural shape-shifting

For a lot of my life, I’ve experienced discomfort over my bi-cultural identity. I was born on American soil, making me American. Still, I embrace my South Asian side. I always have.

As my own unique ray of light, I didn’t always hit the mark by showing those sides at different times. Since I spent much of my pre-teen years as the only person of color in the room, I shared my heritage as much as possible. That led to my sixth-grade teacher telling me I was too pro-Indian, and she was Italian and didn’t talk always talk about it.

Point taken.

When I went around relatives or other South Asians, I amused them with my limited language ability and limited knowledge of Indian/Pakistani fashion.

My American ways shine through, no matter where I go. At least, I can say I always connected with my culture as best I could, given my limited access to it. It didn’t seem to be enough, many times.

In short, I was too American for South Asians and too South Asian for Americans.

That used to bother me, but now, I could care less. I learned to embrace being a cultural hybrid. My cultural level is enough for you, or it isn’t. Either way, my world still spins.

Choosing a side (or not)

For people who like to put things in a neat little box, that’s a problem.

Years ago, my mother told me about a conversation she had with someone who expressed disdain for the whole East/West idea. This person said those people should pick one and not do both.

My mother immediately recognized that statement as a dig at me. Her response: if you can do it, why not?

Sameena Mughal

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